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Groundbreaking study finds CoQ10 has an amazing effect on heart failure patients!

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

In a major breakthrough study Danish researchers determined that Coenzyme Q10 cuts mortality by half in patients with heart failure. Professer Svend Age Mortensen explained that it’s been ten years since a medication / supplement has shown to improve heart failure mortality. He explained that patients recovering from heart failure generally have lower levels of CoQ10. The greater the severity of the heart failure the lower the coq10 levels.

This study shows a direct correlation between coq10 levels and heart health which makes perfect sense as the heart, being the hardest working organ in the body, requires the most energy. Cellular mitochondria are most plentiful in the heart and thus the role of CoQ10 in cardiac related energy production will be most obvious.

Mortensen went on to explain that another advantage of CoQ10 supplementation is that there are no undesirable side effects. CoQ10 is perfectly safe. The body assimilates what it needs and naturally discards the rest.

Notably: He emphasized that anyone taking a statin drug should consider CoQ10 supplementation.
“Statins reduce CoQ10 and circulating CoQ10 prevents the oxidation of LDL effectively, so I think ischaemic patients should supplement statin therapy with CoQ10.”