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Can Ubiquinol CoQ10 Improve Symptoms in Children With Autism?

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

A paper of a recent clinical study written by Fred L. Crane, (Department of Biological Science, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana) and Anna Gvozdjáková, (Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia), says yes and concludes that the “beneficial effect of ubiquinol in children with autism has been demonstrated for the first time”.

Autism is a spectrum of neurodevelopmental disorders with manifestation within three years after birth. Manifestations of autism include behavior problems, (hyperactivity, toy destruction, self-harm, and aggression), and sleep and eating disorders.

Unfortunately, the cause of autism is poorly understood but, the positive results of this three-month trial of ubiquinol CoQ10 at a daily dose of 100mg, (50mg twice a day), given to 24 autistic children aged 3-6 years is intriguing.

Based on parents' reports during the supportive therapy, the following improvements have been observed:
  • 12% improvement in communication with parents
  • 21% improvement in verbal communication
  • 42% improvement in playing children’s games
  • 34% improvement in sleeping
  • 17% improvement in food rejection
  • 13% decrease in aggression
  • The ubiquinol used in this study was Liquid QH™ Liposomal Ubiquinol which is also available as Active-Q Syrup 100mg Liposomal Ubiquinol per teaspoon Orange-Pineapple flavor.

    Reference: The Clinical Study is titled: Ubiquinol Improves Symptoms in Children with Autism, Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, Volume 2014, Article ID 798957 Published February 23, 2014