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DHEA and Phosphatidyl Choline: Comments from our Senior Scientist

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

We recently, (February 2003), received an inquiry from a customer for our opinion about the use of DHEA and how it works against the Anabolic/Catabolic “see-saw” that accompanies aging. He was particularly interested in DHEA that derives its product form from Mexican Wild Yam. A second part of his inquiry w …Read More

Toxic risks in salmon?

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

Where our health and the health of our family is concerned, we all try to do the right thing. One of the smart choices, (we thought!), was to increase our consumption of Omega 3 rich Salmon. Then “WHAM!” we’re blindsided by news reports that the …Read More

Does your Probiotic Need a Prebiotic?

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

Does your Probiotic Supplement need a Pre Biotic?

We’re all aware of these tiny little bacteria that live in our gut and influence everything from digestion to serotonin production, right? Yes, of course we’re talking about those friendly Probiotics. You've probably heard a lot …Read More

Omega 3 Fish Oil Products: Are They Cholesterol Free?

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

The answer to the question “Are your Omega 3 supplements Cholesterol Free?” is a confusing “Yes and No” and requires an explanation.

As described in the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR 101.62(d), if a labeled serving size has less than 2 mg per refe …Read More

Lupus and Omega 3 Fish Oil

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

In a recent 6 month study, Dr. Emeir Duffy from the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ulster studied the effect of fish oil supplements in 52 lupus patients.

The results are promising for sufferers of this disorder in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue throughout the body, causing painful or swo …Read More

Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Omega 3

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

More than 20 million children and adults in the U.S. are affected by major depression or bipolar disorder, and depression has been shown to be a leading cause of disability worldwide. In recognition of the scope and burden of these serious medical illnesses, The National Institute of Mental Health, (NIMH), a U.S. Government …Read More

Omega 3 (Fish Oil) and Diabetes

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

Although, there has been some controversy regarding the effect of omega-3 fatty acids in diabetes, scientific experts and research studies appear to support the use of fish oil supplementation for patients with type 2 diabetes, suggesting a positive effect on triglyceride levels and no adverse effect on glyc …Read More

Omega 3 and Bipolar Disorder Clinical Trial at Harvard Medical School

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of Omega 3 fatty acids in bipolar disorder was recently conducted by Brigham and Women's Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.

BACKGROUND: Omega3 fatty acids may inhibit neuronal signal transduc …Read More

Coral Calcium: Hope or Hype?

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

For what its worth, here’s our take on the Coral Calcium phenomenon.

Maybe the word “phenomenon” – as in “marketing phenomenon” — has already given you an idea where we stand as claims abound in advertising that Coral Calcium can virtually …Read More

What is Berberine and How Will it Benefit Me?

Posted by James on 04/30/2017 | Comment

What do people use Berberine Supplements for?

– Diabetes

– Heart Disease

– Immune Support

– Cognitive Support

– Cholesterol Support

– Intestinal Infections

– Weight Control

– Joint Problems

What is Berberine?

Berberine is a natural yellow colored …Read More